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mountain bike mtbANTI-FOG provides a durable, invisible coating to your interior glass preventing it from fogging and steaming. The invisible coating maintains a high level of visibility, dramatically improving wet weather riding visibility. ANTI-FOG contains durable anti-static polymer which will help dust from settling on your interior glass.

  ski snowboard Intensive anti-mist formula.

swimming diving Advanced moisture absorbtion.

face mask Lasts up to seven days.

visor Ideal for all types of glasses, goggles, visors and car wing mirrors.
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Most types of cyclist wear glasses of some description for protection from the elements. For road cyclists these include wind, hopefully sunshine, but more often in the UK rain and spray from the road. For the mountain biker there is also mud sprayed up from the front wheel, low lying branches, dust and stones. It is important to protect your eyes when cycling. Also in the event of a crash, the glasses provide some protection.

Glasses can get fogged up on climbs when you are exerting yourself and sweating a lot. Fortunately the airflow and ventilation for ordinary glasses is normally quite good, and this normally only happens in wet weather. It can be worthwhile using the de-mist spray if you encounter misting up in your rides, or if you are racing and want to prevent it from occurring as much as possible.

Downhill mountain bikers and enduro racers often wear goggles for added protection, and these are much more prone to fogging up than glasses. It is advisable to use anti-fog lens spray on your inner lens surface if you are riding in damp, humid conditions, wet weather or exerting yourself heavily. Googles tend to clear by themselves once there is sufficient airflow, but at slow speeds fogging can be a problem. The formula is also good for ski /snowboard and swimming goggles, diving facemasks or even your car wingmirrors.

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