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rockshox bikeFork Stanchion Oil is a pure liquid special Micro-Tech Lubricant oil. So slippery it even improves the surface slip of Micro-Tech coated surfaces! Fork Stanchion oil will improve the performance and extend the life of suspension stanchions, reduce fork seal wear and condition your fork’s rubber seals and o-rings.

Use fork oil to clean the fork upper legs. Apply it to the stanchions and compress the fork. Wipe it off with a paper towel or cloth. Repeat if necessary. It is safe on seals. We recommend you clean your fork legs after every dirty off-road ride to maximise the service life of the seals.

The oil is extremely slippery, very pure and a little goes along way. You only need a few drops around the seal - anymore is just wasted. The small bottle should last a long time. This is the best product to use on stanchions. It does not attract dirt like conventional oils, nor dry out quickly like silicone based sprays. It provides a quicker broken in feeling for new forks, and helps make high end mountain bike forks feel plusher and more responsive.

ks reverbAlso ideal for use on Rear Shocks and Dropper Seatposts.
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The mountain bike's suspension has a hard life. Even on moderate terrain the fork legs are moving frequently in response to small bumps and vibrations. In dusty and muddy conditions the seals have to keep out the dirt and grime, whilst keeping the suspension fork oil sealed inside. The suspension fork is an expensive investment, and we want to maximise the service life before a strip down and rebuild is necessary. The seals last much longer when they are cleaned and lubricated before every ride.

When a seal does eventually wear out dirty, oily residue can be seen on the stanchion. This is a sign that a service is due. It is best to replace the seal straight away, otherwise it can permanently damage the stanchion. The suspension fork is no longer sealed and lubricant inside the leg is escaping to the outside. Loose lube attracts dirt and grime to form an abrasive paste. This wears away the surface coating of the metal upper leg, as it continually moves in and out. Once the surface of the tube is worn then it does not seal properly again, even with new seals fitted. The whole steerer and upper crown/leg assembly must be replaced. This is an expensive part, and it is much better to fit new oil seals before any damage is done.

The dropper seatpost on a modern enduro mountain bike also needs regular cleaning and lubrication to protect the upper tube and seal. Due to its position in front of the rear wheel, dirt and debris are continually thrown up at it. This means it is important to clean it after each muddy off road ride.

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pikeWe also recommend Silicone Grease for shock service parts.

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