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bmx roadDry Moly Spray provides a very high content molybdenum disulphide film. It is designed to lubricate bicycles' assembly sliding parts such as seatposts, clamps, plain bearings, handlebars, derailleurs, brake levers, cables, v-brakes, pedal threads and cranks, where a wet lube cannot be tolerated. It can also be used as a high performance dry film lubricant for the chain.

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Many cycle enthusiasts know all too well the situation where an old seatpost or pedal axle is seized in place so strongly that we cannot remove it ourselves. In the best scenario we have to take the bicycle to a bike shop so the part can be removed with a special tool. Sometimes heating the metal can do the trick of freeing the stuck part. In the worst case we damage the part trying to remove it with brute force. Sometimes the seizure is caused by corrosion, and other times just the mud and the passing of time are enough for it to be jammed in place. This could have been avoided if only we had used the right oil.

By using the correct assembly lubricant for every sliding part or clamp, we can help prevent this problem from occurring. This saves time and worry when servicing the bike later on. Harsh off-road environments and exposure to rain, moisture and mud aggregate the problem of parts seizing in place. It is best to take precautions by lubricating all assembly parts with cycle spray oil when first installed.

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