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mountain cleanerOff Road Ceramic Dry Film Lubricant is an advanced wax-based lube featuring micron-sized platelets of ceramic boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer. It creates a coating with an extremely low coefficient of friction. Every time it is applied, the ceramic coating is enhanced, ultimately providing the durability of many oil-based lubricants!

Off Road Ceramic Dry Film Lubricant ensures total drivechain cleanliness without the "distance" compromise that other wax lubes require. In use there is no wetness or stickiness on your cycle chain or parts, so dirt and grime are not attracted or absorbed by the lube. By avoiding abrasive wear, cycle parts run more smoothly and last much longer! In addition, off road dry film lubricant is engineered not to have a wax layer that will build up over time.


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mucoff Smooth, quiet and extremely durable.

wd40 gt85 Perfect for dry climates and dirty conditions.

finish line Builds ceramic coating on frictional surfaces.
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The chain on your bicycle is a critical wear component that carries the pedalling loads from your legs directly. Especially for off-road use, the chain is under a lot of stress. Steep, technical climbs require strong torquing of the cranks. The low gears of the mountain bike magnify loads on the chain, resulting in rapid chain wear. Traditional wet lubricants do a good job of lubrication, but attract dust and dirt in the off-road environment. You usually need to clean the chain after every ride.

With a dry wax lube there is no wetness or stickiness on the chain, so dust and dirt are repelled. When riding in dry, dusty conditions you will return home to find that your drivetrain is still clean. Simply re-apply the dry wax and away you go again on your next adventure. The coating builds up with each application, so see how many rides you can do before you need to clean your gears. With this minimalist approach to bike maintenance, you can spend more time out riding and less time washing the bike.

greaseThe dry chain also helps keep your trousers clean, for casual cycling such as getting around town, commuting to work or BMX riding!

For muddy and wet weather conditions, our high adhesion ceramic wet lubricant is the best choice. This is because there are lots of muddy puddles and ground water. Spray from the wheels repeatedly washes over the gears. After around ten minutes of riding your gears can be covered in a layer of abrasive dirt. No dry wax can repel this much mud, and you need the oil with the strongest adhesion to the drivetrain. The wet oil sticks to the bike chain, and is most resistant to the repeated washing from puddles and extra abrasion caused by the mud.

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