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mountain bikeLow viscosity to yield superior lever response, pad retraction, and consistent performance through a full range of operating temperatures. Brake fluid mineral oil is specifically engineered for use in bicycle hydraulic disc brake systems. It is compatible with all Shimano and Magura brake systems currently sold.

A high performance mineral oil brake fluid for Shimano and Magura systems. It is formulated specifically for bicycle brake systems, and features no comprimise, leading edge chemistry to provide superior fluid life and braking performance. This is far from you basic, common mineral oil. Dr Chem has spent some time in the lab, and discovered that there is a big difference between common mineral oil and what they developed. We proudly call it "high performance".

The brake fluid features a super low viscocity to yield superior lever response, pad retraction and consistent performance through a full range of operating temperatures. Our mineral oil is compatible with all Shimano and Magura disc brake systems currently sold.

When you are serious about getting the most out of your braking system, Dr Chem brake fluid is the first choice. Specifically engineered for bicycle disc brakes, it provides maximum fluid life and braking performance, even at low temperatures. It also prevents foaming and over heating.

lever bleed kitPlease note this is not DOT brake fluid, and is not suitable for brakes other than Shimano and Magura.


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The bicycle hydraulic disc has revolutionised the modern mountain bike. Once restricted to professional downhill racers, disc setups are now available in many types to suit all riding styles and budgets. The system has some major advantages over cantilevers (both traditional and V type). First and foremost is the consistent braking performace. For long descents the older rim setups could overheat and become unreliable. In the best scenario this meant the rider had to slow down or take a break, and in the worst case the pads could fail or the inner tube could get too hot and cause a flat tyre. Having solid, reliable braking that works consistently and does not overheat is a big safety advantage when riding downhill.

The disc rotor also works much better in muddy conditions than the rim surface. Because the rim is so close to the ground, every time the rider goes through a muddy puddle the wheel is coated with mud. Depending on the consistency of the mud, this can be thick and sticky, or liquid and watery. Especially for thick, grinding mud it greatly reduces the power of the cantilever, and causes the pads to wear out too quickly. The wheel rims themselves can also wear out over time. The disc rotor is located at the centre of the wheel, and often stays clean even when riding on muddy winter trails. Only rain and the deepest puddles cause spray to reach the rotor. The braking stays consistent and powerful in all but the worst conditions.

Disc calipers also have the advantage of excellent lever feel and modulation, compared to some rim braking setups. The mechanical cable needs maintenance in muddy conditions to continue to operate freely. The Shimano disc brake's hydraulic line is an ideal maintenance free link between the lever and the caliper.

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Here are some tips for bleeding with Mineral Oil hydraulic fluid.

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