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shimano loose ballExtreme Bearing Ceramic Grease utilises patented technology to ceramically “reinforce” the product’s structure. This process significantly increases durability and improves extreme pressure, load carrying and anti-wear properties of the grease. Benefits include energy savings, smoother operation, extended life, and reduced bicycle maintenance costs. Guaranteed to optimise the performance and efficiency of bottom brackets, hubs and headset bearings


Silicone General Purpose Grease

dry chain lubeSilicone Grease is a superior lubricant and preservative for many rubber parts, and so is often selected by manufacturers of such items as “O” rings. This is also due to the fact that silicone grease is not generally absorbed by the materials to which it is applied, which means no swelling or softening of the materials as well.

The general purpose grease is the more economical option for non-critical bicycle applications, where there is no advantage in using the higher load bearing ceramic grease. Examples of these are lubricating assembly parts, such as seatposts, cranks and quick release skewers. It is also suitable for v-brake pivots, fitting SPD cleats to bike shoes and for many other bicycle applications.

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The home mechanic can successfully take on many bicycle related maintenance tasks. Grease is an important ingredient for many jobs in the workshop. Sometimes it is best to use the high load bearing ceramic type, especially for jobs involving bearings. For example replacing the loose ball bearings in a Shimano hub or servicing headset bearings. For more simple tasks and for work involving rubber O-rings and seals, the general purpose silicone grease is the best choice. For example replacing the seals on a suspension fork, lubricating pedal axles or quick release skewers.

For assembly parts you may prefer to use the Dry Lube Moly Spray. This is a dry film lubricant specially designed for assembling metal parts, and for pivots, plain bearings and sliders. It has the advantage that it does not attract dirt and grime like a sticky lube does.

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