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high viscosity synthetic base oils, special polymers, anti-wear additives, friction modifiers and more all combine to make this strongest, longest lasting and most water resistant lubricant. WET Lube goes on wet and stays wet on the chain. Recommended for long-distance cycle rides and extreme weather conditions.

Use long life ceramic lube when you ride hard and long! Proven performance for 100 plus mile rides, muddy off road conditions, long rainy commutes and foggy salt air coastal climates. A heavier wet style lube that requires a little more attention to drive train cleanliness, but delivers the ultimate in lubricity and protection. If you use long life ceramic lube for riding off road or in dry climates, be sure to wipe the excess from the cycle parts. This will help to minimise the attraction of dirt and grime.

shimono xt xtrIt has become the preferred lubricant for many professional on and off-road cycle teams worldwide.


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The chain on your bicycle is a critical wear component that carries the pedalling loads from your legs directly. Especially for off-road use, the chain is under a lot of stress. Steep, technical climbs require strong torquing of the cranks. The low gears of the mountain bike magnify loads on the chain, resulting in rapid drivetrain wear. For the wet and muddy British and Northern climates a wet lube is the best choice. Muddy puddles and groundwater cause spray from the wheels to constantly wash over the chain. After only ten minutes of riding the gears can be covered in a layer of abrasive mud. The high adhesion wet oil sticks to the cycle chain and is most resistant to the repeated washing and extra abrasion caused by the mud.

For off road use in dry, dusty conditions and normal on road use we recommend the Ceramic Dry Film Lubricant instead. This is wax based and goes on dry, with no wetness or stickiness to attract dirt and grime. The gears stay clean and you can ride again without the need to clean the drive train. This saves time spent on bike maintenance, when you could be doing more interesting things.

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