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adult trainingWhy you should spend time practising bicycle skills, whatever your age.

It is said of a skill that once it is learned, it is never forgotten. This is especially true for physical coordination and balancing skills. Our bodies have the ability to store the neuromuscular control and balance information deep in our subconscious, where it remains for life. It takes a lot of effort to learn the skill in the first place, by repetition and repeated practice. As we make mistakes and fail in different ways, our body gradually improves and we get closer to our goals. This phenomenon is also known as "muscle memory", which according to the Wikipedia entry is "The physiological adaptation of the body to repetition of a specific physical activity, resulting in increased neuromuscular control when performing that activity again."

freeride downhillBike Skills last a Lifetime!

Many of us learnt to off-road cycle at a young age and our first bikes were small wheeled BMX or similar. A lot of time was spent practising tricks and stunts, as well as cornering, jumps, bunny hops and all the other fun things we tried as kids. Then as we get older and more things come into our lives, the bike is probably abandoned for a while. Later in life we may pick up the sport again, often with a full size mountain bike and we find that the same skills remain. We may be a little rusty at first, but even after twenty years without cycling when you get back on two wheels you feel naturally confident again. Because of our ability to remember the skills we learn, it is worth taking time to practise and improve, whatever the circumstances in our normal lives. The same applies to other balance sports, like skiing, snowboarding and watersports.

film dvdImprovement is Satisfying!

The sense of satisfaction generated when we learn something new motivates us to continue riding. It makes it interesting, not to mention the health and fitness aspects of mountain biking. The rewarding nature of the sport, combined with time spent outdoors, the countryside and the places we visit is hopefully enough to keep us going out through all the changing seasons. A small amount of extra effort, time and practice goes a long way to helping you achieve your lifelong bike skills goals.

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